messages on holdWhy choose Messaging On Hold?

... because just like your callers will be listening to your new phone hold marketing message ... we listen to you!

The Team at Messaging On Hold have been in the professional audio industry for over 35 years and began as a small Messaging On Hold business back in 2001. Today, with the evolution of new technologies and being experts in digital audio production, encoding and distribution... our business has expanded rapidly and now services clients nationally, supplying a full-service audio marketing business... specialising in cutting edge Audio Messaging Programs for WEB Audio and Phone System - IVR and Messages On Hold Audio.

Our commitment to you ... Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • It's our job is to help our clients gain a competitive edge and maximise revenue by increasing the awareness of the quality and availability of products and services at the point-of-purchase.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our number 1 priority.. so we work closely with you to help your business grow by differentiating your business for your competitors.
  • You'll be working with a professional team.. who is realistic on price... and flexible with our packages.
  • We want your company and brand to stand apart from [not just stand up to] the competition.
  • We're committed to understanding what your business is trying to present to your clients.
  • We'll service your messaging requirements quickly and make the process easy for you. Our studios are recording professional voice-over both male and female every hour, guaranteeing same day turnaround if your project requires this.
  • Messaging On Hold provide professional voice-overs and audio productions that add value to your business and deliver a professional business image to first point-of-sale.. your phone systems!
  • Our clients are supplied with the latest digital MOH phone equipment... that delivers high-quality audio to your customers and making it easy for your business to be using our messages on hold system straight away.

Unfortunately, today a lot of business owners seem to forget that they're dealing with people... and that these people will be making emotional decisions based on what they hear over their phone systems or web sites. Customers like to know about the people behind the business. They want to know you care...about 'attention to fine detail' be with a product or service in your business... and what better way to show them... than by providing your 'finer details' on your Messages On Hold or WEB Audio!

We want to help you put a “face” on your business, with customised audio messages!

We'll provide you with an audio production that's customer orientated... creating impact and will help put some emotion behind it, helping you to connect with your customers on and emotional level. It can mean the difference between a customer choosing you over one of your competitors or not. Why? Well, if it comes down to two businesses offering the same exact service or product... for the same price.. some people will naturally go with a company whose people they know a little bit about. What better way to help your caller understand about the people they'll be dealing with!

Swish Image takes pride in maintaining long-term client relationships and in establishing new ones through the ultimate advertising – referrals. Why not put our team to the test... you have nothing to lose with our 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee... and let us show you what a difference our service will make your business connections.

Messaging On Hold - produced by Swish Image