Why use Messaging on Hold? ... well let's take a quick look at some phone related 'FACTS'!

Here are just a few brief facts about how customers react to different phone hold situations-

(PLEASE NOTE: Statistics supplied from AT&T, Teleconnect Mag, N.A.T.A. and U.S. West Communications and Telstra)

  • why use messages on holdIn Australia, the average time spent on hold is 44 seconds.
  • 88% of callers prefer on hold messages.
  • 60% of callers put on 'silent' hold hang up, and 30% first time callers never call back.
  • Callers hearing information while on hold, will stay on the line for up to 3.5 minutes longer.
  • 70% of customers calling businesses are placed on hold.
  • Callers who hear music on hold will stay on the line up to 60 seconds longer than 'silent' hold.
  • Up to 20% of callers on hold made a purchasing decision based on what they heard on-hold.
  • Advertising on hold cost far less than most other types of advertising media & targets your market.

Messages On Hold works!

If you think about it... customers who call your business are already interested in what you have to offer. Messages On Hold takes your current marketing strategies to a HIGHER LEVEL.. and it's the perfect way to:

  • Educate your caller, cross promote ALL the different and NEW services and products you supply.
  • Enhance and provide a Professional Phone Image.
  • Improve customer relations and increase sales.
  • Instill 'Caller Confidence'... knowing they are dealing with a business who takes pride in their capabilities & products.
  • Maintain Caller Retention, so your caller will stay holding for a longer period.
  • Direct Target Marketing, providing more in-depth information while motivating your customers to act.
  • Turn 'wasted' hold time... into positive customer connection and branding.

Let's take a look at the alternatives you have compared to Messages On Hold

radio or cd


  • You could end up advertising your competition.
  • The radio is susceptible to being off station... creating 'white noise'.
  • Bad music selection by a radio station can do more harm than good.
  • The audio does NOT promote your company.


  • CD players do NOT have an Auto Restart Feature, so you have to continually check if your CD player is still playing.. as they stop running frequently... example, when there's been a power down or power surge.
  • CD players have mechanical parts that wear out, breaking down and costing you money when having to be replaced.
  • and like Radio, CD's do NOT promote your company.

And if your business uses any of the following... then you really need to contact us ASAP!

Chimesmessages on hold

  • If you have chimes... we bet you have had customers complain!


  • "..hello... hello... anyone there...are you still there... hello?" The customer will soon hang-up and you take the risk of them not calling back, as very few people who hang up call back again.

Generic Off-The-Shelf MOH Unit

  • Sounds totally unprofessional!
  • The audio doesn't promote your company
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