Step 1 - Select Package

Select a package... or we can customise a package to suit your business needs!

imageThe first step... is selecting a phone message package that will best suit marketing needs. Be it a large or small business... you may require different update schedules, for example... some businesses update their message weekly, some monthly, some seasonal.. winter, summer, autumn or spring... some annually. We understand that every businesses marketing requirements are unique... this is why at Swish Image we listen to you and tailor a phone message package to suit your needs.

We offer Customised Packages, which include different features sets, like linking your branding audio.. be it Radio or TV Advertisement campaigns.. or for those smaller businesses on a small budget who still wish to promote their web site and location details.. or maybe 'remove' annoying on hold phone audio. No matter what you requirements maybe.. talk with our team and we will create a package to suit you. CALL - 1300 935 938 ... for more information!

Step 2 - Create Script

FREE Script Assistance... helping you to create the perfect phone message that has impact and is effective!

imageimageTo help make the process of creating your new phone marketing message EASY... we offer FREE SCRIPT ASSISTANCE... although you can still provide us with a script if you would prefer. We speak with you to better understand your marketing aspirations and work out what you want your callers to hear. Once we have received all the information you wish to promote about your business, (be it from your WEB site, brochures, portfolios, etc..) the Messaging On Hold copy team get to work creating your inspiring new on hold message.

Once completed, we present the script to you and continue to work closely with you editing the script... until you are totally happy and sign off... knowing that the script created truly reflects your marketing requirements.

Step 3 - Audio Production

Professional Audio Production - Using Entertaining Voice Talent and Great Music !

imageimageNow it's our Professional Voice-Artists turn... to help lift your phone message to the next level. All voice overs, be it male or female are done by professional experienced Radio and TV announcers and you can choose a voiceover style which best reflects your business image... be it corporate, energetic, conversational, aussie or just plain fun!

Our Digital Studio uses the latest audio editing technologies available today... and once our engineers have edited the VO audio... they then mix in quality music that best suits your business type (and can include sound effects if required). Once the engineers have put the VO's, music and FX together... the production is then expertly mixed and mastered to suit phone systems.

Step 4 - Your Approval

Next Step... Final Approval Time!

imageimageThe next step is the approval stage. Your new phone marketing message is now available for you to review and approve online. We email you an .mp3 version so you can have a listen and approve the production. If you find something that is not quite write, for example...a mispronounced word.. or different background music. just let us know and we will continue to edit the message until your are 100% happy with your new phone hold message.

Once you are happy with the final production, you confirm with us via email, that your are happy for us to proceed.

Step 5 - Ready to go!

Time to CONNECT... to your phone system... and your callers!!!

imageimageThe FINAL stage.. we ship our Digtial Phone MOH Unit directly to your door... and organise installation. If your business currently uses a Radio, CD or mp.3 unit for phone hold audio.. it's as simple as unplugging the audio from your old unit into ours. [Please Note: If you do 'NOT' have an external audio device currently connected.. then a qualified phone technician maybe required to complete the installation.] Once our hardware has been connected.. your callers will be listening to your NEW cutting edge messages on hold! Got a VoIP or Cloudbased Phone system, not problem. We can convert you files in the correct format ready to be uploaded! In regard to all future script and audio updates... they are sent to you via the internet... so your system can be updated within minutes after being produced in our state-of-the-art studio.

Messaging On Hold - produced by Swish Image